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Sara Shoulder Bag

The smallest of all Carol Bouwer Bags, this bag was named after her late cousin Kedi who was the epitome of elegance. Poised, Beautiful and Conscientious - the bag is an extension of everything KEDI was about.

The bag is available in Ostrich Shin, Ostrich Quill, Python, Lizard and Crocodile.
R19 000 for Ostrich Quill
R21 000 for Ostrich Shin
R25 000 for Python
R33 000 for Crocodile
Dorset Actual Bag

This bag is for a go getter, armed with ambition and a vision for their future. This lady works hard, plays hard and covets the very best things in life. Like all women who buy our bags, she is intent on ensuring her money goes towards job creation in her country, but also that she carries a bag and wears clothes that attest to that. SEDI is short for Lesedi and indeed she does light up any space she enters.

SEDI is available in Ostrich Shin, Python, Lizard and Crocodile.
R29 000 for Ostrich Shin
R33 000 for Python
R55 000 for the Lizard
R60 000 for Crocodile
Dorset Actual Bag

Carol has the honour of serving on the board of the Norval Foundation and is also the founder of the Mbokodo Awards for Women in the arts, so it is little wonder that we now have a second bag inspired by a ground breaking and much lauded art icon in South Africa. Dr. Esther Mahlangu is a much loved figure across the world and her geometric paintings adorn cars, aeroplanes, time pieces and now she has partnered with a local brand to release her very own bag. A true labour of love for Dr Esther Mahlangu who shares Carol's passion for bags.

The bag is available in Ostrich Shin, Ostrich Quill, Python and Crocodile.
R55 000 for Ostrich Shin
R65 000 for Python
Sara Shoulder Bag

Prof. Zanele Muholi is a world-renowned visual artist who has showcased at all important art institutions around the world, while garnering accolades along the way including the Mbokodo Award, as well as the Order of the Arts and Letters from The French Government. Activist, Artist, now Muse of our bags, The Muholi bag was released as a limited edition in python and we will be releasing an updated version in 2021 with MUHOLI as a collaborator in the bag.

The bag is available in Python.
R40 000 for Ostrich Shin
R45 000 for Python
Dorset Actual Bag

Inspired by Businesswoman and Author Amanda Dambuza, whose life story has inspired many to pursue their dreams against all odds, with this bag we are saying to women 'you are not your past!" We remind women through the Amanda bag, that our past may be difficult but we must continue to fight to be the authors of our future.

The bag is available in Ostrich Shin, Python, Lizard and Crocodile.
R29 000 for Ostrich Shin
R38 000 for Python
R45 000 for the Lizard
R65 000 for Crocodile

Named after our founder Carol Lindiwe Bouwer, the Lindiwe Bag is the signature bags of the collection. This is the bag Carol carried through international airports around the world, while building this brand. This is the bag she carried into government and bank boardrooms, seeking funding for the bags, the ones she carried into hallowed halls convincing her family to back her desire to self-fund the bags and ultimately ended up at South Africa's premier One&Only hotel, which has now become the home of Carol Bouwer Bags. The Lindiwe Bag is a symbol of perseverance and is a constant reminder that we are becoming.

This bag is available in Ostrich Shin, Python and Crocodile.
Ostrich shin R39 500 
Mini R38 000,
Python R50 000 
Mini R47 500
Crocodile R150 000 
Mini R130 000

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