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Carol Bouwer

The KATY Bag

The KATY Bag

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We tell young women you can be anything you want to be! We say to girl children dream wildly secure in the knowledge your dreams will be supported. Is the world a safe space for this ideal to be realised? Katy is bright, beautiful, smart and starry eyed and this bag is a reminder to her and her generation that she stands on solid shoulders ready to carry her. Katy is our tribute to one of our founder’s precious chosen daughters Katy Ryan who embodies all these qualities and more. She as a bag is fierce and can be worn in four fun ways.

The KATY bag is available in Ostrich Shin, Python and Crocodile.


Skins and colours may vary so each skin has a unique marking.

Skin Description

Ostrich Quill – The bumpy leather and comes from the main part of the Ostrich. It is the back of the Ostrich where the animal’s neck meets it’s body. The bumps are where the feathers grew.

Ostrich Shin – This skin has a wide scaling down the centre length of the leg with a natural texture and brilliant shine

Python – Exotic skin because of the origins and it’s complicated manufacturing process. Python skin can last for decades with the attention to preservation and maintenance

Crocodile –  Exotic skin which is supple and soft yet exceptionally tough. Each skin has it’s own individual pattern ensuring that every bag produced is one of a kind.

Shipping & Returns

We courier nationwide. All Carol Bouwer products are shipped in a box which is individually wrapped in a cotton bag to protect the skin. We ask when traveling that you keep the bag in the cotton bag unless carrying it.

Orders will get dispatched between 2 - 4 weeks after receipt of full payment.

Are evaluated on a case by base basis. However any returns necessitated by a manufacturing defect will be effected immediately- the client has to inform us within 5days of receipt of the bag. If there is indeed a manufacturing defect please feel free to email us on and we will either repair the defect or swop the bag.


(H) 13cm x (W) 19cm x (D) 5cm

Care Instructions

Exotic skins are naturally beautiful and manufactured with absolute regard for integrity of the skin. So where there may be natural birthmarks on the skin we request you to not disguise but celebrate the unique nature of each skim used. Regularly clean leather with a soft dry cloth. After manicures where your hands may be oily, we ask that you wear gloves to protect the leather. Keep leather goods away from heat, direct sun and do not store in too dry locations as this causes cracking. In the event it rains while you are carrying your bag, do all humanly possible to cover the bag to avoid spotting. Our bags are investment pieces which we are happy for you to send to us even 5 years later for a bit of love. 

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